Internship Work

Continental Brand Video

assisted in 2D assets and graphics
Ebb+Flow Creative approached SPILLT this summer to collaborate on a unique project for the massive international automotive brand Continental. For the over all design aesthetic, SPILLT worked to develop the representation of a futuristic digital drafting table that we felt would both reflect the direction of Continental as well as the analog roots of product design and manufacturing. Our team worked in Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Illustrator to bring this to fruition and worked with Coupe Studios to design audio that reflects the hard hitting world of high end supercars.

Spectrum Product Video

assisted in 2D assets and graphics
Using a new brand style developed by Spillt, This video showcased the products that the new Spectrum Reach has to offer to direct to business consumers. We showcase this message using high end 3-D and special effects and compositing techniques to portray the massive amount of tools at the consumer's fingertips.